WorldAlpha Studios launches first minigame for MMORTS, WorldAlpha Sniper

WorldAlpha Sniper is a classic sniper game with outstanding graphics, addictive gameplay, 5 unique weapons to choose from, and 2 stunning backgrounds.

For Immediate Release

Press Release – July 23, 2012 – Milton, Ontario – WorldAlpha Studios is excited to announce the launch of its first of three minigames for the social strategy MMORTS in development, WorldAlpha.  The minigame WorldAlpha Sniper is a classic sniper shooter game, with lots of features to keep gamers entertained.

Some of WorldAlpha Sniper functionality that makes it enjoyable are:

- 5 Stunning 3D weapons to choose from, each with its own unique abilities

- Two beautifully stunning backgrounds. One of a destroyed city, and the other a military installation

- Addictive 3 minute rounds to keep gameplay compact, and allow for use in future MMO

- GameCenter integration for recording High Scores and competing against friends

- And much, much more

WorldAlpha Sniper is really a visually stunning game.  The artwork is beautiful, and the gameplay with the different weapons, as well as two backgrounds, allows for gamers to enjoy for hours.  The game also is a glimpse into the WorldAlpha MMO being developed, and will only be available until the full MMO is released.

M Koehler Enterprises Inc. is the parent company for WorldAlpha Studios.  It has developed and successfully sold 2 community websites, including one with over 1 million members.  It has developed two games, and now is completing a social strategy MMORTS WorldAlpha to be release by the end of 2012.


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