Exciting MMO games coming out soon

Massively multiplayer online games have quickly become mainstream in the past decade, and developers are almost all embracing this new genre. There's a lot of high end, high budgets games coming out soon. They differ in style and type, but they all have massive appeal and drive many players to play together. Here are four of the most anticipated MMO games coming out in the coming year.

A big name is Star Wars: The Old Republic, http://www.swtor.com, the new MMO by Bioware, published by EA. This game takes place in the Star Wars universe, thousands of years before the movies. In a way, this is a sequel to Bioware's very popular franchise Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR), and brings in millions of players to play Republic or Empire characters, to explore planets and battle their opponents with the goal of saving, or capturing, the entire galaxy. Thanks to the huge Star Wars lore, this one is sure to be a great title to follow for those who love stories.

Guild Wars 2, http://www.guildwars2.com, by ArenaNet will be the follow up to their very popular Guild Wars game from a few years back. This game innovated in a number of ways, including the fact that there was no subscription fee. Many people are anticipating Guild Wars 2, especially those who like games that can be accessed in short durations, without the need to commit to a monthly subscription. Also, from the screenshots and videos, Guild Wars 2 is likely to rival even single player games in the graphics department.

The Secret World, http://www.thesecretworld.com, is a slightly more obscure title, where three factions battle for dominance of an underground society, here on Earth. There's no fictional universe in this one, but instead super-natural elements have been added to our very own planet, where the three factions battle demons and other strange creatures, in an attempt to rid the planet of these monsters, but also to gain power and control over the other factions as well.

WorldAlpha, http://www.worldalpha.com, is a MMORTS, a game that takes place in the not so distant future, where players have to work together in order to build a new Earth, a new world to sustain life and grow civilization. With a real-time strategy element, decisions taken by players will shape how the world evolves, and the ultimate fate of WorldAlpha will be decided in a social, massively multiplayer way.

Overall, for fans of the genre, this coming year isn't likely to disappoint. There's great titles on the horizon for everyone, and regardless of your preferred play style, it's clear that you can find something to your liking. With millions of dollars being spent on these top tier titles, nothing can stand in the way of this new wave of games, and how they will involve many players from around the world, getting them involved in a story, or a world, that they truly shape and care about.

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