Ambitious & Highly Anticipated Social Strategy MMORTS ‘WorldAlpha’ Pending Immediate Launch!

IndieGoGo & Founder’s Pack Supporters Granted Early Pre-Launch Access!


Milton, July 24th 2013: Independent games developer ‘Big Impact Studios’ is proud to finally announce the official release of their highly ambitious game world, ‘WorldAlpha’. What began as a humble project by a duo of aspiring game developers during a Christmas break in 2010 is finally coming to fruition! Having been in development for the past 2½ years, ‘WorldAlpha’ has finally passed not only Alpha and Beta, but is now ready for its formal and official launch. With focus on player-driven economy, strategic warfare, engaging politics and addictive gameplay, MMORTS fans rejoice as the doors open to an engaging and immersive unheard of online experience!

‘WorldAlpha’ takes place in an environment where earth has been completely and utterly destroyed. Nothing is left. The planet is left uninhabitable and to survive, mankind must establish a new life elsewhere in a desperate hope of survival. ‘WorldAlpha’, the only inhabitable planet within reach, is seemingly a realistic and viable destination although like earth it offers its fair share of challenges!

‘WorldAlpha’ offers to gamers an incredible and immersive persistent world, in which players must collaborate and decide upon the fate and future of mankind. This task cannot be accomplished singlehandedly, and while some players might prefer the role of politicians, others might prefer leadership roles within the military or traditional business ventures. Working together, and by planning and strategizing, players will ultimately decide not only the fate of the planet, but of humanity itself!

‘WorldAlpha’ is a free-to-play online experience in which players can progress without limitations. Featuring a virtual currency called ‘EarthBucks’, players have the option to purchase items and accessories at fair prices, accommodating all levels of experience and budget. The game includes 47 different products, each having 5 different qualities, totaling an impressive 235 unique items to be created, bought and sold in the economy. Countries, and cities as well, can form one of seven different types of governments using one of three electoral systems - high Command, officers and soldiers grouped into units and crews, with 5 different tanks, 5 different artillery and 5 different weapons to be used on the field of battle.

With its realistic player-driven economy, strategic warfare, engaging politics, immersive world and addictive gameplay, ‘WorldAlpha’ is planned for an early and exclusive launch for its Founder’s and IndieGoGo supporters on Friday July 26th 2013. The official launch is July 30th 2013 at 10am EDT. Prospect players looking to gain early access can purchase a Founders Pack directly off the games website.

‘WorldAlpha’ can be experienced here:

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