47 Products

WorldAlpha's economy is very realistic.  Including 47 different types of products that can be made.  These products each have 5 different qualities.  So, in total there are 235 individual products that can be constructed, bought and sold on WorldAlpha. 

Raw Materials

WorldAlpha is filled with 9 raw materials that need to be mined, or harvested to have the building blocks for more products. 

ClayCottonFruits & VegetablesGrainIron OreMeatOilSilicaTimber

Industrial Materials

Some of these raw materials are then taken to create 9 different middle products or industrial materials, which are needed for to create End-User Products.

 BricksElectronic ComponentsEngineFabricGlass




Consumer Goods

Using raw materials and industrial, companies can create 11 consumer products for the citizens of WorldAlpha to buy. 

Bedroom SetCarCellphoneComputer

Exercise EquipmentFamily Room SetKitchen AppliancesMeal

Men's ClothingTelevision


Using bricks, glass, steel and lumber, construction companies can building the following 12 buildings (3 more to follow) and a building repair kit (still to come).

AcademyBarracksDefensive SystemHospitalHouse



Business Goods

Lastly, there are a couple of business good to make sure products can be transported around WorldAlpha.

Shipping VoucherTruck


Every city and country will have to defend itself, so the following weaponry and repair kits can be built.  For more on these products see the Military Module.