Dec 4 2011

Day 274 to Day 297 - My First Concept Art piece

I went to try to get someone to do some Concept Art for me, so that I could have some visuals on my dev site. I got talking with a few artists, and finally was able to get Rodrigo from Brazil, to do some artwork for me. It didn’t take him long to come up with the some sketches.
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Nov 27 2011

Day 244 to Day 273 - A New Direction

Well, the game was at a crossroads. I need to take over the programming to see movement, but the core that had been programmed was based on Objected-Oriented PHP, jQuery, and AJAX. I had limited experience with all three of them. It was a daunting task thinking of trying to get up to speed on all the languages, all at once.
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Nov 20 2011

Day 136 to Day 243 - My First Programmer

I shared a lot of the vision, and a lot of the overall thoughts regarding the game, but we hadn’t dealt with a lot of the details. There was a basic framework, but not a lot of the specific gameplay details and database structure. My hope was that he would be able to take that vision and turn it into a functioning game.
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Nov 12 2011

Day 91 to Day 135 - Finding Programmers

So, now the search for some programmers begins. I started by creating want ads for 2 positions: a PHP Developer, and a JS / AJAX Ninja. I was looking for someone mid-range, not a recent grad, but not a long-time professional, to hopefully keep the costs reasonable, at the same time, hopefully finding someone that would be productive right away. I also hoped that they would have some sort of interest/passion in gaming.
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Nov 6 2011

Day 32 to Day 90 - The Core

Well, my inspiration started to form into a list of tasks, for the programming job ahead. I started to envision gameplay. Again, I wanted as much realism as possible, so I started with how a person would spend their time doing what they thought was most important. I then looked at creating a realistic economy with many different products, having different qualities... It wasn't long before I knew that I would need to hire at least one person, maybe two, to keep the project moving.
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Oct 30 2011

Day 303 - My Digifest Experience

Traffic was pretty light to begin with. I had talked to just a few exhibitors, and one person by the time 11am came around. It slowly picked up between 11am and 2pm, but still I only talked to about 10 people that weren't exhibitors. So, my hope to get hundreds of gamers interested was not realized. That being said, I did enjoy getting to know the exhibitors around me.
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Oct 27 2011

Day 1 to Day 31 - My Inspiration

The genesis of this game, came after watching The Social Network in late December 2010. I couldn't help but thinking, I need to try to think of something that even if it was a fraction of the popularity of Facebook, would mean millions of potential members.
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Oct 25 2011

Day 0 Part 2 - My First Game

In my spare time, I created a Christian index, which over time started to garner some traffic. I started to add staff, and before I knew it I had a staff of 5 working for me. Traffic was booming. With this wealth of traffic, I decided to pursue my high school dream, and produce my first game.
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Oct 24 2011

Day 0 Part 1 - My History

Well, here is my first entry into my DevBlog. I hope to not only keep you informed about the game, but also about some of the successes and failures so that other budding developers might learn from my experiences.
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