Mar 7 2012

Day 422 to Day 428 - A Completed Sniper Gun

Well, this update comes a little late. I was away for the weekend. Graphics continue to be worked on, and I finally have the first completed gun for the sniper minigame. Please give me your feedback for the gun.
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Feb 26 2012

Day 415 to Day 421 - The Devil is in the Details

As I thought initially about how to make my social strategy game different than others, minigames came to mind. A way that players could impact their military exploits, beyond just hitting a simple button to attack or defend. As you have seen over the weeks, as the sniper came has come along, that there are a lot of details that have to be considered even in a minigame.
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Feb 19 2012

Day 408 to Day 414 - A Challenging Week

This week has definitely been a challenging week for me. It started off on Sunday evening, having my laptop hard drive fail. I had a solid backup from a month earlier, and since it is an online game, I didn't lose any programming files, and I lost very little in the way of other files, but it still set me back as I got the laptop repaired and up and running again.
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Feb 12 2012

Day 401 to Day 407 - MMO Timeline, Sniper Comes in View, & 2000 Beta Testers

People have been asking about other modules in the MMO game. My intention is to focus on the Military module in February, the Politics module in March, and finish the Economy module in April. This week was a good week for progressing the military aspects of the game. I finished the creating of units and crews, assigning them weapons and vehicles (tanks and artillery) and then moving them. The creation of the battlefield has begun. I’m looking forward to the epic battles that will soon happen at WorldAlpha.
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Feb 5 2012

Day 394 to Day 400 - Organizing Graphics & MMO Development

Sniper Game versus MMO development

Based on a few comments, I see that some people are getting a little concerned about the amount of discussion on the Sniper minigame in the DevBlogs, and not as much on the MMO. I can understand the concern. Rest assured, progress is being made on other MMO modules. Right now I’m focusing on the Military module. This week I worked through creating sub-units of units, creating and listing crews, and assigning officers to units. So, progress is being made, it just isn’t as visual as the sniper game, and still a lot of work to get completed. The sniper game on the other hand is in the last month and therefore has a lot more visuals to “show off”. So, on that note, so more about the sniper game.

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Jan 29 2012

Day 387 to Day 393 - Sniper Game Progresses & More Winners

Well, this week there was a lot more progress on the sniper game. The background, actual sniper, weapon, and game builds all made good movement this week. Also, we have more Beta Tester winners!
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Jan 22 2012

Day 380 to Day 386 - Sniper Assets & Military Takes Shape

This week was busy actually overseeing the work of others. Currently I have an artist working on the background of the sniper minigame. Then I have my lead artist working on concept art, and 3D imagery for the weapons in the game. I have graphic designer working on some of the web work that needs to be done. Finally, I have the Flash programmers gearing up to start the Sniper minigame once they have the artwork in hard.
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Jan 15 2012

Day 373 to Day 379 - Huge Marketing Boost & Lead Artist Found

Well, this week was a very good week for getting exposure for the game. At the beginning of the week I discovered the game had been posted on The addition lead to a few more visitors and beta testers to the site. Well, a day later, IGN's FilePlanet Beta Center picked up WorldAlpha and listed it. Well, a steady stream of beta testers has ensued, with around 40 signing up every day since it was listed on their site.
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Jan 8 2012

Day 366 to Day 372 - A Sniper Background Takes Shape

I have been working with Igor to work towards finalizing the background artwork for WorldAlpha Sniper. This is a process of back and forth that takes some time to get the ideas and concepts from my head, to finalizing the artwork by my artist.
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Jan 1 2012

Day 344 to Day 365 - Graphics, Teaser Trailers, Marketing & More

This last month has been very interesting for WorldAlpha. The game has progressed on many fronts. There have been marketing initiatives, graphics and videos developed, contracts signed, and a whole new core for WorldAlpha developed.
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Dec 18 2011

Day 303 to Day 343 - Initial Marketing Begins

Well, now that I had a website up and running, I need to get some people to it. In creating an MMO, I'll need to have a fairly big community at launch, to make it Massively Multiplayer. So, even though the game is still several months out, I knew I needed to start to garner some interest. Here are some of the initial marketing efforts I made.
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Dec 11 2011

Day 298 to Day 302 - Website Up and Running & Social Media Launched

I needed to get a website up and running for the game. With only about 10% of the game programmed there wasn’t a lot of visuals, or gameplay to show on the site. So, I took some time to look around at other sites, and see what kind of content ended up on a game site. I looked both at live games, as well as those in developments.
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