Dec 10 2012

Day 708 to Day 714: Closed Beta #2, UX/UI and new Features

Well, we completed our 2nd beta. This one has generated a lot more interest than the first one. We have already had 528 new beta testers, joining the 366 from the first closed beta. We are again getting lots of great feedback, with over 290 bug/suggestion reports.
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Dec 2 2012

Day 694 to Day 707: Closed Beta Success, IndieGoGo and more

Well, the days coming up to last weekend’s Closed Beta were a little nerve wracking as we put in long hours, to get as much functionality in the game as possible for the first closed beta. Ideally, all the elements would have been there and just needed tweaking, but as a small indie team, there was still a lot that was missing, and we rushed the code to get it into closed beta.
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Dec 2 2012

WorldAlpha Story - 3. Rifle

Warrant Officer Kyle Mendall is in big trouble. Tasked with a daily inventory of the AlphaOne's small weapons cache, he is aware of a missing sniper rifle. Discovering who stole it is no longer the issue. Keeping its status as "missing and unlikely to be recovered" a secret from his superior officer is the real challenge...
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Nov 18 2012

Day 687 to Day 693: 1,000 Closed Beta Keys gone in 16 hours

Well it is a big week ahead with Closed Beta starting this Thursday. Last week, we starting email about beta keys around 2:30pm on Wednesday, by 6:30am on Thursday the 1,000 closed beta keys were gone! Wow, that was awesome. All gone in 16 hours!
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Nov 11 2012

Day 680 to Day 686: Nerves and Closed Beta Keys

Well, I must say I was pretty nervous about WorldAlpha for the first time this week, as we launched our IndieGoGo campaign. The campaign isn't about funding WorldAlpha, so I wasn’t worried about that. The worry is would the community be willing to support the game monetarily.
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Nov 4 2012

Day 673 to Day 679: IndieGoGo and Closed Beta Keys

Well today we started our IndieGoGo campaign. Unlike many other IndieGoGo and Kickstarter campaigns that raise funds to create or complete a game, WorldAlpha will be completed without any additional funding. What our campaign is about is allowing you, our early fans, to get great rewards when we launch our game in March 2013
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Oct 28 2012

Day 656 to Day 672: One Year Anniversary and Types of Government

Well, it was 1 year ago today that I this website was started. It seemed early to a lot of people, but it proved to be a real crystallizer in terms of helping me think through the project, and making it a reality. I have enjoyed writing DevBlogs and getting people’s responses to the game, and hearing input from the community. In the past year over 8,000 people have signed up to be beta testers.
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Oct 21 2012

Day 649 to Day 655 - Updated Logo, Military Vehicles and more

With a new artist, and wanting to have some consistency in our logo, we decided to do a slight rebrand of WorldAlpha. So, I give to you the new WorldAlpha logo, that we’ll be rolling out over the coming week.
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Oct 20 2012

WorldAlpha Story - 2. Choices

First Officer Kirsten Simmer considers her future as a Citizen in WorldAlpha – assuming humanity survives the Passage. As AlphaOne’s second-in-command, Officer Simmer would be a natural to continue in the Military, with Politics being a close second. But she has options. It’s time to meet a character who represents a third possibility….
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Oct 14 2012

Day 642 to Day 648 - Greenlight, It’s a Start Finalist and Closed Beta Dates announced

It has been a very exciting week for the team at WorldAlpha. As I mentioned a couple devblogs ago, I submitted WorldAlpha into a competition at Digifest called It’s a Start. Well, the winners were to be announced this past week on Wednesday. The day came and went, and no email… So, I was a little disappointed. Well on Thursday, partway through the day I got the email that WorldAlpha had been selected as one of the 10 finalists!
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Oct 7 2012

Day 635 to Day 641 - Game Trailer, WorldAlpha Story & Alpha Testing

Lots of exciting things have been happening every week, as more and more people get involved in the project. It is exciting for me to see what I have been envisioning for the last almost 2 years finally coming into fruition.
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Oct 5 2012

WorldAlpha Story - 1. Escape

Humanity has just launched its first ship, AlphaOne, in the wake of disaster. The fears, misfortune, and future of society are considered by the ship’s Captain in this first segment of The Passage to WorldAlpha. Read and meld yourself into the story.
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