Day 917 to Day 937: Launch Date, Reflection and the Story Continues

July 21, 2013

Launch Date and Reflection

Well, in just over a week, WorldAlpha will finally be launched on Tuesday, July 30th at 10am.  With our IndieGoGo and Founder’s Pack supporters first chance to see it with our Early Launch on Friday July 26th.

It has been quite the ride for the last 2 ½ years.  What was conceived at Christmas Break 2010, is now becoming a reality.  The game has changed in many ways from my first thoughts, but the core is still there.  Creating a new world, where every citizen represents a real player.  I realize now it wasn’t a truly novel idea, but I think that what we have come up with, gives more choices than other social strategy games in this genre.

A world with 47 different products each having 5 different qualities means there are 235 different items to be created, bought and sold in the economy.  Both countries and cities forming one of seven different types of governments using one of three electoral systems.  High Command, officers and soldiers grouped into units and crews, with 5 different tanks, 5 different artillery and 5 different weapons to be used on the field of battle.  User created newspapers and television stations.  WorldAlpha has a little bit of everything from economy, politics, military and media.  With many different choices, and many different paths to follow.

Alpha and Beta testing have been quite challenging.  Probably releasing sections a little too early, we have had lots of bugs to fix, and lots of suggestions to consider.  But our faithful beta testers have been tantamount in changing aspects of the game.  We have listened to our community and adjust where necessary. 

There have been the naysayers that said a small 2-person team couldn’t make an MMO.  We heard from some hat the game was too buggy, too slow, too quick, too boring, too complex, etc.  But from other supporters who have play we heard how much they have enjoyed playing and delving into WorldAlpha.  Have we made mistakes? Sure, plenty of them.  At the same time, I believe we have listened, and tried to make the game that our community is growing to enjoy more and more with each iteration.

We are truly appreciative of all the people who have taken time to play the game and give us their input.  We also appreciate the many IndieGoGo supporters as well as purchasers of Founder’s Packs, as the financial support has allowed the game to develop even further.

Have we created a smash hit?  Being realistic, no we haven’t.  Have we created a fun, niche game, which a community can enjoy?  We hope so.  WorldAlpha though being released on July 30th is still very much a work in progress.  We hope that the community will join us for the ride,  we hope for many years to come.  We look forward to seeing what we along with the community will do to create WorldAlpha.

WorldAlpha Story 4 - Mindplay

It has been a long while since we release the last segment of the WorldAlpha story.  Here is the 4th Segment: Mindplay summary.

Delph Silva, among AlphaOne’s most influential and wealthy, is infatuated with the possibility of First Officer Kirsten Simmer becoming a Tyc like himself. His challenge lies in drawing her away from the Rankers, Mercs whose influence, though not monetary, will have great sway in the formation of WorldAlpha. His efforts to woo her decision have been less than successful, but Delph Silva is a man of great resource….

For full story visit: WorldAlpha Story 4 - Mindplay


Having just recently found the game, I have to say that it looks very enjoyable. The interface looks nice and is set up very well. My only suggestion would be to place a link to the map on the home page so its one of the first things new users see. It really helps to get a feel of the world.
October 8, 2013 | Zudak

Dang, I'm sad the old world went away, I only just discovered this game a month or so ago when it "came out" on Steam. Oh well, it'll be interesting to get a fresh start. By the way, your founder pack image links seem to be broken at the moment.
July 24, 2013 | Zalfrin

It often seems like developers are tone deaf to their players, not so with WorldAlpha. I've been constantly impressed by the amount of feedback that found itself into the game. I was also very surprised when I got feedback back on some of the ideas I was proposing. Overall a rich, complex game that will make players interested in this type of entertainment very happy.
July 22, 2013 | Alias

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