Day 905 to Day 916: Military Module Poll Results & Launch Date

June 30, 2013

Military Module

This week we had a bunch of ideas, but no real consensus from the community so we decided to do a poll about what players wanted to see in the Military Module.  Here are the results:


So, it looks like from these results that soldiers should be able to buy and equip their own weapons and choose their own units.  Also, that there should be a combination of PvP and collective damage.  We will begin to implement these changes over the coming weeks.


Launch Date

Barring any huge obstacles, we are going to have a launch date of Tuesday, July 30th for WorldAlpha.  For all of our IndieGoGo supporters and citizens who have bought Founder’s Packs, they will be able to begin their journey for Early Launch on Friday, July 26th.  We are excited to finally launch WorldAlpha!


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