Day 819 to Day 832: Final Push, Country Founders and Last Closed Beta

April 7, 2013

The Final Push

Well with just over 3 weeks until our planned Open Beta it feels like this is the Final Push.  All the core functionality is coming together.  The UI is being finished off.  The To Do list is getting manageable.   On the programming side the To Do list was over 150 most times, is now down to around 50.  I look forward to our last Closed Beta starting April 16th, and then finally our Open Beta starting April 30th.  It has been a challenging road, but we have learned much along the way, and look forward to bringing WorldAlpha to a larger audience.

Country Founders

Over the last few weeks, we have had a few more Country Founders sign up.  Here are the countries that we have thus far.

Lunar Empire

Lunar Empire


Eagle Nation

Eagle Nation


United Republic

United Republic States



Earth Galactic Empire

Plus we had another country founder sign up yesterday, but we haven’t received the name, and there will be one additional admin-led country.  So, thus far 6 countries, and we can add more if anyone is interested, you can sign-up for a Founder’s Pack, and find out more details about Country Founders here.

Last Closed Beta and Open Beta Dates

Our seventh and final beta is going to take place on April 16th to April 22nd.   We want to make this our biggest and best beta thus far.  So, for all of those who have beta tested thus far, please come back and give it a final look through.  We appreciate all the input our beta testers have had, and the changes that have resulted from hearing from our dedicated citizens.    If you have beta tested before you can just login with the same email and password.  For someone who needs a beta key you can get one here:




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