Day 784 to Day 818: Closed Beta, Country Founders and Tank Names

March 24, 2013

Closed Beta this Tuesday, March 26th to April 1st

Closed Beta #5 is upon us.  We are doing another week-long beta.  If you have played in past, we encourage you to play again and try the new features.  We have included a Tutorial finally, as well as the ability to add a city to your country.  The UI continues to transform as well.  If you have played before, all you need to do it login in at:

If you have never received a beta key you can get one at:

Country Founders

WorldAlpha is a new world, so all the countries and cities are going to be created by you, its citizens.  The initial countries are going to be from citizens that have signed up early to become a country founder.  Becoming a country founder when the game begins has its advantages for the following reasons.

1.)    Country Founders, along with any other supporters, will be able to get into the game 3 days early to set up their country and cities the way they want.

2.)    Country Founders will be able to choose their own constitution for their country.

3.)    Country Founders will set the country and city avatars (flags).

4.)    Country Founders can set their constitutions to have a vote in 60 days, to allow enough time to set up their country, and steer it in the right direction.

5.)    Officials will not be able to impeach, and citizens won't be able to revolt in the first 60 days.

So, far we have 2 confirmed countries, Lunar Empire and Earth Galactic Empire, and one that is nearing confirmation in Eagle Nation.

If you want to set up a country, you will have to have EarthBucks to do this.  EarthBucks can be earned or won in game, but the easiest way to secure them is purchasing a Founder’s Pack.  A country will cost E$ 5,000 and a city will cost E$ 5,000, so country founders will need a minimum of E$ 10,000.   Founder’s Packs, as well as giving EarthBucks, also provide additional special items, including Country Formation and City Formation papers.  So, you wouldn’t have to buy them.   So, if you want to become an initial Country Founder, you would have to buy a Founder’s Pack of at least Business Tycoon or higher.  You can buy Founder’s Packs here:

Name that Tank Contest

Here are the names selected for the Tanks in WorldAlpha.

Q1 – Komodo

Q2 - Petra

Q3 – Snow Panzer

Q4 - Boomslang

Q5 – Widowmaker



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