Day 756 to Day 783: New UI Revealed, Founder's Packs, Closed Beta and Name that Tank

February 17, 2013

New UI Revealed

Well, we have been busy getting the new UI in place and finishing off some of the last elements of WorldAlpha.  Here are some screenshots of the new UI.

Economy Dash

Job Market

Product Marketplace

Company Creation

Marketplace Item

Founder’s Packs

For those of you interested in getting early access to WorldAlpha, as well as getting some bonus EarthBucks, and some extra perks we have created a Founder’s Pack.  Each pack brings you awesome value as you start your adventure on WorldAlpha.  We will acknowledge all those who purchase Founder’s Pack, on our Thank you page.   Take a look and pick on up.


Closed Beta this February 26 to March 4

Well, we have listened and are doing a week long closed beta.  Everyone that had an account won’t need to create another.  We hope to have lots of new players to try out the new UI, and check out all aspects of WorldAlpha. If you don't have a closed beta key yet here is your chance to grab one:


Name that Tank

Well this past week, I went to name of the items in the game finally.  I decided to leave the 5 tanks for the community to decide.  So, here they are, and leave a comment on what you think they should be named.


Tank Q1

Q1 - Green

Tank Q2

Q2 - Brown

Tank Q3

Q3 - Silver

Tank Q4

Q4 - Double Barrel

Tank Q5

Q5 - With Missles

d0m0n0’s Hard Work

d0m0n0 has been very busy the last little while creating a user forum at

as well he created a little HTML 5 canvas to show the whole WorldAlpha map as well as a way for military planners to indicate where to move troops.  Check it out at:






I would really love to hear a bit more information or get an update soon, been over a month! Hope to hear from you soon!
March 24, 2013 | Nate Sutera

Q1: Perseus Q2: Gadlam Q3: Notron Q4: Douglas Q5: Widowmaker
March 12, 2013 | Daniel

Good Job! For italians friends -> Italian forum with all game info translated. FORUM ITALIANO CON GUIDE = Ty and have a good time o7 Gervaz
February 22, 2013 | Gervaz

Q1_Komodo (mainly inspired by the colour green). Q2_Antlion (predatory bug). Q3_Dragonfly (the white colour really stands out and makes it look more agile for some reason). Q4_Boomslang (its venom makes you bleed out your pores, nasty). Q5_Deathstalker (type of scorpion, perfect name for this ultimate tank).
February 18, 2013 | Alias

Here are my suggestions, they have a buildin sense of power :) Q1=Dart Q2=Spear Q3=Bullet Q4=Shotgun Q5=TriMoon ^^ (Yes that last one is both a joke and real entry :P)
February 18, 2013 | TriMoon

I preffer simple and clear when it comes to names hence: Q1: Light tank, Q2: Medium tank, Q3 heavy tank, Q4 super heavy tank and Q5 Specialist tank. It would be easy to reffer to the tanks with for example LT, MT, SHT.
February 18, 2013 | Christoffer Nilsson

Q3 tank should be called - Snow Panzer
February 17, 2013 | Bob

Fantastic stuff here. Here are some names, most are latin. Q1 Tank: Cemix Q2 Tank: Petra Q3 Tank: Mucro Q4 Tank: Plumbum Q5 Tank: Annihilator
February 17, 2013 | Toad

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