Jul 21 2013

WorldAlpha Story - 4. Mindplay

Delph Silva, among AlphaOne’s most influential and wealthy, is infatuated with the possibility of First Officer Kirsten Simmer becoming a Tyc like himself. His challenge lies in drawing her away from the Rankers, Mercs whose influence, though not monetary, will have great sway in the formation of WorldAlpha. His efforts to woo her decision have been less than successful, but Delph Silva is a man of great resource….
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Dec 2 2012

WorldAlpha Story - 3. Rifle

Warrant Officer Kyle Mendall is in big trouble. Tasked with a daily inventory of the AlphaOne's small weapons cache, he is aware of a missing sniper rifle. Discovering who stole it is no longer the issue. Keeping its status as "missing and unlikely to be recovered" a secret from his superior officer is the real challenge...
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Oct 20 2012

WorldAlpha Story - 2. Choices

First Officer Kirsten Simmer considers her future as a Citizen in WorldAlpha – assuming humanity survives the Passage. As AlphaOne’s second-in-command, Officer Simmer would be a natural to continue in the Military, with Politics being a close second. But she has options. It’s time to meet a character who represents a third possibility….
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Oct 5 2012

WorldAlpha Story - 1. Escape

Humanity has just launched its first ship, AlphaOne, in the wake of disaster. The fears, misfortune, and future of society are considered by the ship’s Captain in this first segment of The Passage to WorldAlpha. Read and meld yourself into the story.
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