Jul 21 2013

WorldAlpha Story - 4. Mindplay

Delph Silva, among AlphaOne’s most influential and wealthy, is infatuated with the possibility of First Officer Kirsten Simmer becoming a Tyc like himself. His challenge lies in drawing her away from the Rankers, Mercs whose influence, though not monetary, will have great sway in the formation of WorldAlpha. His efforts to woo her decision have been less than successful, but Delph Silva is a man of great resource….
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Jul 21 2013

Day 917 to Day 937: Launch Date, Reflection and the Story Continues

Well, in just over a week, WorldAlpha will finally be launched on Tuesday, July 30th at 10am. With our IndieGoGo and Founder’s Pack supporters first chance to see it with our Early Launch on Friday July 26th.
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Jun 30 2013

Day 905 to Day 916: Military Module Poll Results & Launch Date

This week we had a bunch of ideas, but no real consensus from the community so we decided to do a poll about what players wanted to see in the Military Module.
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Jun 18 2013

Day 889 to Day 904: Community Input Wanted: Military Module

Well after a month of really no military action, High Commanders finally got into gear this past week or so, and launched into battle. The result is as I feared as this module was being developed through Closed Beta.
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Jun 2 2013

Day 854 to Day 888: Open Beta and Countries taking shape

Well, we are now a month into our Open Beta phase. It has been a very interesting month, as citizens continue to test out every facet of the game. Over 1,800 have tested the game and more are coming every day. We appreciate feedback on some bugs, a few exploits, as well as a lot of great pieces of feedback.
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Apr 29 2013

Day 833 to Day 853: Open Beta finally here

Well after 2 years and 4 months of contemplating, designing and developing, WorldAlpha Open Beta is finally here. On May 2nd, WorldAlpha is finally going to be in Open Beta.
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Apr 7 2013

Day 819 to Day 832: Final Push, Country Founders and Last Closed Beta

Well with just over 3 weeks until our planned Open Beta it feels like this is the Final Push. All the core functionality is coming together. The UI is being finished off. The To Do list is getting manageable. On the programming side the To Do list was over 150 most times, is now down to around 50.
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Mar 24 2013

Day 784 to Day 818: Closed Beta, Country Founders and Tank Names

Closed Beta #5 is upon us. We are doing another week-long beta. If you have played in past, we encourage you to play again and try the new features. We have included a Tutorial finally, as well as the ability to add a city to your country.
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Feb 17 2013

Day 756 to Day 783: New UI Revealed, Founder's Packs, Closed Beta and Name that Tank

Well, we have been busy getting the new UI in place and finishing off some of the last elements of WorldAlpha. Here are some screenshots of the new UI.
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Jan 20 2013

Day 749 to Day 755: New UI, Closed Beta #4 & Most Anticipated MMO

Well thanks to all the input from our fans, we have retweaked the UI #2, which was far more functional than the UI #1. So, here it is. It still has a couple more tweaks possible, but we will be rolling this one out.
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Jan 13 2013

Day 722 to Day 748: Community Input Needed on New UI

We trust everyone had a good Christmas and New Years. After a great holiday season celebrating with family and friends, we are back and ready to launch WorldAlpha in the next few months. We are in the final stages trying to get everything to come together.
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Dec 17 2012

Day 715 to Day 721: Closed Beta #3 and new UI

Well just a few more days for our last closed beta before the end of the year. So, if you haven’t been a part of the first 2 betas, here is your chance. You can join the nearly 1,000 beta testers from the first 2 tests.
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